Sea Dweller Faux Leather Phone Strap

  • Every Clutch Strap clip set is compatible with all other Clutch Straps. (i.e. the clips on your case work with all Clutch Straps so can borrow a friend's Strap if you wish or have multiple of your own!)


    Every Clutch box is filled with:

    • 1 Clutch Strap

    • 2 sets of adhesive clips

    • 2 alcohol wipes

    • 1 iridescent Clutch sticker
  • The Faux Leather Clutch Strap uses the finest in vinyl materials, metal accent hardware and is sewn on both sides allowing for the pattern to show on both the interior and exterior of the strap.  All Clutch Straps are branded with our company name and octopus logo using a high-powered laser and will never fade.


    DO NOT machine wash, wipe surface to clean

    *Our Faux Collection of Clutch Straps are VEGAN FRIENDLY!