Black & Purple Leather Phone Strap

  • The Classic Black Leather Clutch Strap uses all genuine leather and has silver accents.  The Black Clutch Strap is offered in seven different rivet variations including: silver, black marble, white marble, red marble, turquoise marble, light purple marble and blue marble.  


    • DO NOT machine wash, wipe surface to clean
    • 100% geunine leather
  • Every Clutch Strap clip set is compatible with all other Clutch Straps. (i.e. the clips on your casework with all Clutch Straps so can borrow a friend's Strap if you wish!)


    Every Clutch box is filled with:

    • 1 Clutch Strap

    • 2 sets of adhesive clips

    • 2 alcohol wipes

    • 1 iridescent Clutch sticker