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When Creators Collide

Collaboration Between Girl Bosses

A collision of two bada$$ girl boss run companies is underway and coming to you soon! On August 27th we will be launching our collaboration with Rave Nailz featuring their Wild Instinct Nailz and our limited edition Cheetah Print Mini Clutch Strap. We are so excited to work with Braelinn and her business to collaborate on ideas, unite our similar audiences, and empower each other and other girl bosses to achieve their dreams!

Braelinn Frank is an Austin based nail artist who started her business in 2012 in LA. She was known for always having her nails on point for whichever rave she was attending and thus, started to generate a lot of interest online for her original designs. What started as an Etsy shop is now a successful girl boss business that has been featured in Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, Nylon, and many more!

Having similar target audiences online, a collaboration like this is so valuable for growth and exposure for both brands. When curators collide with a collab like this, we are able to generate much more traction and attention by being able to offer our customers a unique package deal that we don’t normally offer. RaveNailz interviewed our Clutch Crew and you can read more here.Sharing our business story and experience with each other’s audiences gives us a chance to connect on a deeper level with the other’s customer base.

Your accessories for your next rave/event will be on point with the amazing originally designed Wild Instinct Nailz paired perfectly with our limited edition Cheetah Print Mini Clutch Strap. We are planning several more collaborations in the future that we can’t wait to offer you guys. Thanks for reading this month’s blog and don’t forget to hype up our girl Braelinn for all of her amazing work! GIRL POWER!!! #thatsclutch

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