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The Definition of a “Clutch Creation”

To many, the word “clutch” describes a variety of things: a car part in a manual vehicle, a small bag that women hold with their hands or more generically, the word can be used as a verb explaining a method of gripping onto something tightly. In this case, none of those definitions describe what it means to us to be a Clutch Creation.

There is an entire generation of millennials who have grown up on a completely different meaning of the word “clutch.” We collectively have been using it as a slang term for something that is wildly convenient, happens in perfect timing, or a way to describe when a situation turns out in the best-case scenario. The phrase “That’s Clutch” was not coined by us but we take part in emphasizing the slang usage.

Our company, Clutch Creations, stays true to the slang version and meaning of the word ‘Clutch’ as we provide quality products that are useful, handy, and within reach when you need it. But there are many other Clutch Creations out there representing innovation in seemingly normal products; products that elicit thoughts of “why didn’t I think of that?” Check out this list of products we think follow our definition of being a “Clutch Creation”:

1. The ClutchStrap, of course!

Clutch Creations’ designed the most universal phone strap on the market and patented it…BOOM. If you’re unfamiliar with what makes The Clutch Strap® new and different (aka “patentable”) it is simple: HOW IT WORKS.

The Clutch Clip mechanism + the super-strong adhesive that you stick on the back of your phone differentiates our phone lanyard from all other products simply because the competition’s solution comes with a phone case attached to it. With The Clutch Strap, our customer has the freedom to choose their case and immediately use this product (say, at a concert or amusement park!) The convenience, useability, and style are what defines The Clutch Strap as being so “clutch.”

2. Bose Frames Alto

These sleek glasses cost about the same as your normal designer sunglasses and come equipped with Bluetooth enabled, open-ear audio speakers. Simply put — they are sunglasses with built-in speakers!! And we’re not talking about just any speakers…. these glasses deliver some of the finest quality sounds coming directly from your eyewear! Say goodbye to Airpods falling out or getting lost and say hello to a sleek and comfortable style!

3. Magware Magnetic Flatware

Say sayonara to single-use plastics with these awesome reusable, magnetic, stackable cutlery! What makes this product so “Clutch” is that they stick together with magnets and can travel with you everywhere! They are more effective, longer-lasting and easier to use than the plastic cutlery you’ve become accustomed to using for lunch. And furthermore, it’s 2020 and it’s time to turn up the conservation efforts!

4. The Dip Trip™ Vehicle Sauce Holder

Convenient? Check. Handy? Check. Exactly what I didn’t know I needed? 100%. This product is so Clutch because now, even if we’re driving, we never have to have a dry fry or sauceless nugget again! This on-the-go sauce solution clips right to your car’s air vent so you can effortlessly dip your nuggets and fries at every red light. If you’re wondering why you didn’t think of this, you aren’t alone. (And you can custom brand these bad boys too.)

5. Kamp-Rite Tent Cots

This product made the 2020 Most Clutch list because it reinvented a classic product and no doubt, improved it! The product description says it better than I could, “Tents have been around for longer than anyone reading this. The design has evolved with modern materials and better geometry, but the core function of protecting yourself from the elements with fabric and a frame remains the same. Unfortunately, that also means you’re still sleeping on the cold, damp and bug covered ground. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also turn it into a lounge chair when you’re not sleeping in it.” Now that’s what I call Clutch!

6. Luggage Cup Carrier

We at Clutch Creations are all about freeing up your hands and making travel easier. This self-leveling travel cupholder was seen in action by our team recently and we are drooling over how Clutch it is! This product is a clever, new travel necessity that quickly and easily attaches to the handle of your wheeled luggage. Now you’ll have a secure place for that morning coffee or water bottle!

7. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This layered sandwich maker allows you to make top-notch breakfast sandwiches quickly and easily at home, with different compartments to properly cook eggs, toast bagels or English muffins, and properly melt cheese. Time saving and delicious = very Clutch. You’ll have your freshly cooked breakfast sammy in about 5 minutes. Even better yet, all of the parts are removable and dishwasher safe making for easy cleaning. Add some delicious ease to your morning and remember who told you first ツ

8. Cookie Pocket Mug

This dunk mug holds a cup of milk or tea, and also has a compartment to store a few biscuits or cookies for dunking. Whether you like to start your day with biscuits and tea or you like to sneak a few cookies with milk before bed, it’s the ideal mug. This reinvention of a classic coffee mug is space-saving, convenient and downright precious!

9. The Modobag

It’s expensive but it’s also Clutch. With this product, you get the maximum amount of space as a normal carry on suitcase, the ability to charge your electronics and a way to scoot scoot around the airport! The combination of satisfying needs, saving time and energy as well as adding in a “fun” component is why the Modobag has made our 2020 Top Clutch products list.

Have more "Clutch" products we should add to this list? Drop us a comment on Instagram!


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