What “Supporting Female Entrepreneurs” Really Means

The Launchpad2X 3-Day Core Program is actually one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

2019 Cohort of the 3-Day Core Program

Businesses, foundations, accelerators and beyond all claim to “support” female founders and entrepreneurs but I’m here to say, although hosting webinars and making capital available to women entrepreneurs is great, those resources do not… (unpopular opinion)… support ultimate growth of the business. Having money to support the business idea is only a small part of growing a successful, scalable business. Excogitate about what happens when the money runs out. Then what?

The Launchpad2X (referenced as LP2X) programming is actually supporting female entrepreneurs in the long run—Let me share the most important things I’ve learned. Launchpad2X has designed a curriculum that develops the female entrepreneur from her “founder” title to owning her CEO role. I speak from first-hand experience that this program does exactly that. Think of an energy drink/confidence boost for female leaders built into a 3-day program (that was the case for me at least.) However, the LP2X team has had to develop new ways to support and develop female CEO’s in light of the health crisis that is COVID-19. The non-profit has gone digital and morphed their CEO energy-boost into a 7-week virtual boot camp and I strongly believe that the same effects will materialize despite the lack of in-person interaction.

Through their programming, ‘you’ as the CEO are the focus because you are the leader, and they teach you how to show up as such. Don’t overlook the basics: Be early. Be prepared. Look the Part. But as a CEO of your organization, much more is required in terms of leadership. LP2X helps CEOs of young companies understand that as leader of the company they must create a clear vision for company culture and growth. Just as importantly, they must learn how to communicate this clearly to employees, partners, and customers and actively work to make sure the vision is front and center.

LP2X additionally has proprietary exercises and information to develop confidence and a “Play to Win” mindset when making decisions and pursuing new business. That is what truly defines an #LP2XCEO. Their workshops and mentoring also provide essential information and insights into how to form an advisory board or board of directors, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, technology, and human resources; When you combine this ongoing education that all CEOs or young companies should have with confidence-building and access to investors, its a winning formula to bridge the gender gap in women-led companies.

In light of the COVID crisis, Launchpad2X has made strides to continue to support female entrepreneurs as best as any personal and professional platform has, and they are plunging into making their curriculum available to a nationwide audience. In 2020 alone, the LP2X programming has earned sponsorship and developed strategic partnerships with power players from Comcast, UPS, Delta, Silicon Valley Bank and many, many more. At the start of 2020 and in a pivotal time for LP2X, Founder and Chairman Bernie Dixon made the decision to hire Chirsty Brown as LP2X’s new president. What a decision that was! Christy Brown is an expert in growth, data, and networking; she is a powerhouse of information and experienced in VC, start-ups, and taking companies to the next level. With Christy on the team, LP2X is destined for success.

Disclaimer but relevant: I (Kristi) currently work for the Launchpad2X non-profit. Call my above review “biased” however, I am and have been so personally affected by and supported as a female entrepreneur thanks to LP2X that it is only right that I dedicate a blog to how they have supported my growth. At the start of 2020, I was working on a contract basis as an apprentice and executive assistance to Cliff Oxford, a very reputable entrepreneur, author and leader. When the Coronavirus broke, we as a small team decided to focus our efforts elsewhere to see how things would play out. At the time, I was volunteering for LP2X because I wanted to stay involved and pay my respects to the program that has helped and developed me in ways I couldn’t imagine. Fast forward and I was offered a position to be the Communications Director. For me, this was a no-brainer to remain highly involved in the LP2X community and utilize the network and resources. To this day, being involved with LP2X has been the best decision in my post-grad career.

Looking forward, I know I will remain passionate about supporting fellow female entrepreneurs and promote the LP2X curriculum. I am humbled and honored to call myself a part of the LP2X team and truly believe in the mission. I cannot wait to watch our Southeastern focus expand nationwide.

As for myself as a leader, I continue to educate myself on how to lead, motivate and support peers and those in my network. I’d love to connect with anyone who has taken the time to read this, feel free to email me at and shop our products at ❤ Peace and blessings to all!

Me, Kristi, graduating the LP2X Core Program!

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