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What's Your style?

A Clutch Strap for Any Lifestyle

Living a “Clutch Lifestyle” means living an adventurous, positive, and fun filled life to the fullest! Members of the Clutch Crew are the trailblazers, forward thinkers, and trendsetters. They live the Clutch Lifestyle; repping what it means to live life on the go, in style. Whichever way, shape, or form you choose to live out your Clutch Lifestyle, you can always have a Clutch Strap by your side.

In case you haven’t heard, we recently added a new member to the Clutch family- the Mini ! We now have three different length variations and styles to best represent your personality and way of life. If you are an indecisive person and hate having too many options, read below to compare our three different Clutch Straps and what makes each of them special in their own way and cater best to YOUR adventures.

The Mini

The newest member of the Clutch Fam is now available on our website for only $29.99 in our classic colors: ivory, chocolate brown and shiny black! Some cute looks include wearing it as a wristlet or attaching it on your belt loop for easy & convenient hangs. The Mini keeps your phone within reach and is a great helping hand for everyday activities, or makes for a great way to hang your phone nearby around the house. The Mini Strap is not bulky and can go anywhere with you!

Our favorite way to rock the Mini is either attached to your pants, around your wrist or conveniently hanging from knobs and handles. Imagine the ease of having your hands free to walk your puppies! We also love to recommend the Mini to our guys as an extra added security measure to prevent theft & pickpocketing. The length is ideal for slipping in your front or back pocket and is flexible enough to not annoy you! Or, for our ladies, the Mini easily slides on your wrist so your hands can be free to hold your morning coffee. Overall, this strap is great for on the go activities!

The Original

Our classic design- the Original Clutch Strap- is super comfortable and practical and wears like any lanyard does. You can easily sport this look and wear the Original around your neck or on your shoulder. This Strap is best for sporty activities with lots of movement. The OG Strap differs from the other styles in length and has the maximum level of control while it keeps your phone right under your nose. The Original Strap comes in #Clutch when doing adventure activities like riding a bike, skateboarding, paddle boarding, etc. and it also comes in handy at tailgates or any event that you would want your phone to be picture ready. The beauty of the Original Clutch Strap is also enjoyed when using your phone for directions or checking out any lists in your phone’s notes… take the grocery store for example, a personal favorite of ours!

This strap was born from our founders attending music festivals and a need for easy access and somewhere to keep their phones safe from being lost or stolen. The OG will be a new staple accessory in your life!

The Cross-Body

The Cross-Body Clutch Strap is the hottest member of the family. The Cross-Body is perfect for complementing your fit for a night out on the town. It is form-fitting and flattering and goes with any look- from streetwear to a fancy night out. The Cross-Body is also great when multitasking like referencing your phone while painting or doing crafts. It is also great for times when you are actively going from location to location, jumping in and out of cars or moving because you don’t have to constantly wonder where you put your phone down and it is out of the way. Not to mention, having your attached to a Clutch Strap means your phone won’t fall and shatter when running around! For those busy moms with their hands full, the Cross-Body will make your life so much easier.

If you still can’t make a decision on which Clutch Strap best fits you, then just buy all three! Problem solved ;) Thanks for reading this month’s blog, we hope your life gets a whole lot more Clutch this summer!

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