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Have you ever left a vacation feeling exhausted almost like you need a vacation from your vacation? There can be so many logistical moving parts or high-energy activities that can all take a toll on your freedom to relax. Well, I’m here to take one small piece of a vacation and make it worry free and it has to do with your smartphone. Doing this one liiiiitle thing can make your travels more carefree, safer, more sanitary and also, way more CONVENIENT! And we love convenience. We crave for things to be better, faster and stronger to make our lives and vacations easier. What I can also tell you is that vacations can easily become tenuous when things don’t go according to plan; such as a lost, broken or stolen phone. Talk about an inconvenience.

I’m sure we can all agree that although a vacation could and should probably also include a vacation from your silly PHONE, there’s no doubt we need it. We need Apple Pay, we need our super savvy iPhone camera, we need directions to the nearest liquor store… you get it, a vacation isn’t a vacation without a little R&R + our #1 electronic.

This month’s blog is all about how traveling with your Clutch Strap is the best way to add ease and peace of mind to any trip, long or short, out west or anywhere your travels take you. In this case, I’ll be taking you on my family’s recent trek out west. You can expect to see amateur product shots and learn about a dang awesome itinerary along the way, so here we go.

Getting to Denver, Colorado

My first recommendation as to why having your phone on a Clutch Strap (not just any strap but a CLUTCH Strap) starts before our trip has even begun. The Clutch Strap in the airport is absolutely the best way to keep your phone safe during the transition from ground to air. If you’re anything like me, your bag is questionably 50+ lbs every time and your carry-on backpack is also stuffed to the brim. When I approach the ticketing counter with my outrageous amount of over-packed belongings, the last thing I am worried about is my phone. I would often just set it down and try to fish out my ID and throw my bag on the scale, and meanwhile: 1. my phone is unattended and susceptible to theft 2. anxiety levels are increasing due to the line of people behind me, staring and 3. my mind is laser-focused on getting my boarding pass so I can advance to the next phase, security.

Oh, and I normally tip the guy at the counter and get back my ID. Lots of moving parts and juggling where your phone could easily get lost in the mix or shoved somewhere you can’t remember once you advance to the next level! (Side note: If you’re not like me and you can’t relate to this experience, I am jealous of you. But, you also may not make any fun of the amount of things I packed and if & when you come to find you’ve left something out… don’t come crying to me when you need extra earbuds or sunscreen!)

On the contrary to this anxiety-ridden experience, when my phone is securely attached around my neck, I have no worries my phone is at stake during the ticketing shuffle!

Additionally, thanks to our stylish phone straps, most of the time I won’t even get a paper boarding pass because it is more convenient to have the app on my phone, around my neck! Moral of the story: WEARING your phone is the best way to travel through the airport. Keep the other travelers jealous and wondering how you’re so carefree! Shown to the left, is my post-chaos experience, bathroom selfie now that my bags are checked and I managed not to lose anything :)

First Stop: Moab, UT

Moab, Utah is a town located at the foot of the Arches National Park and is full of cute shops and restaurants to explore along Main St. If you look closely you can see a little phone dangling from a little cute lady (who is my mom!) rocking athleisure with no pockets. While remaining COVID compliant during our entire trip, it was so much more desirable to just carry our phones around than to pack a backpack or lug around a purse. Not to mention how nice it is to not set your phone down while shopping and potentially leave it. We’ve all been there before and it is not a fun feeling!

While in Moab, there happened to be a car accident that hit a gas line and therefore the power was shut off and the only road going in and out of the town was closed. Total standstill and absolutely zero North-bound traffic. We sat in curiosity about what could be happening for about 30 mins until we decided to check out what was behind us instead. After consulting with some locals, we discovered there was a watering hole nearby with a waterfall to check out called Mill Creek. Off we went.

Moab sure was hot, so a little crawling and exploration was necessary to reach the water and that exploration was made easier thanks to my Clutch Strap. At this point we’re in swimsuits with literally nowhere to stash a phone but worry not, my phone stayed by my side in case of emergencies. Our diverted plan turned into a lovely afternoon lounging at the creek and then at a nearby park called Harmony Park where we hung our hammocks and just relaxed while traffic died down.

Once we were able to get through the town, we headed to the legendary Arches National Park. The drive in was simply stunning with red rocks towering above. So many “ooooos” and “ahhhhs” as we zig zagged through the beautiful landscape. Our first pull off was probably my favorite. From my digital camera to my video camera to my phone, some would call me “extra” but here you can even see that I have my phone attached to a portable charger, conveniently located on my side so I can capture each moment with whatever device I choose. Crazy? or Clutch ;)

And now for the scenic moment, featuring our Clutch Straps. (This picture was not even staged to feature out Clutch Straps, they are just simply a staple in our lives.)

We never once worried about dropping our little social media remotes down the abyss shown behind us, thanks to our handy-dandy Clutch Straps.

Next Up: Salt Lake City, UT

The scenic drive from Moab to Salt Lake was stunning. Never a dull moment driving through the vast landscape in Utah. We headed to Canyonlands National Park and were in complete awe of what was laid out in front of us along the way.

We would take most opportunities to pull off and goof off as much as possible, never needing to bring anything but our phones to capture each moment. My mom, the OG fashionista, would make requests to swap out her Clutch Straps with one of mine to compliment her outfit and I of course, would willingly swap with her; and take a look at just how easy it is:

There is absolutely no denying how adorable she is, I mean come on. Okay, back to the trip. As we approached Canyonlands National Park, we continued to rise in elevation. Ears popping, Sirius radio playing, an absolute blissful time looking out at the stunning landscapes for miles out each window.

We quickly transitioned from large towering red rocks to trees and rivers alongside the highway. We are finally headed to see the Great Salt Lake!

Upon arriving at the Great Salt Lake, we smelled quite a foul odor. Not sure if this is due to the salinity of the water or if something was decaying nearby but it was about time to roll up the windows, park and see just how salty the lake is. As you can see, I took every opportunity to catch a shot of my mom looking hella extra cute in her Clutch Strap and I hope you enjoy it. (She’s a sassy single too and will probably whoop me for putting that out on the internet!)

I personally took it upon myself to approach the nearly deserted Great Salt Lake to have a taste. As I walked up, the ground moved. Millions of little flea/nat/gross sand bugs scattered in a million directions as I approached. It was insane! I could hear the shuffle of their fluttering wings escaping from my giant feet coming to their demise. I stuck my finger in the water to taste it and sure enough, it was SALTY.

Here’s me, being dramatic or cute (in my Cross-Body Clutch Strap) at the Great Salt Lake:

On Deck: Pocatello, Idaho

En route to Pocatello, we made a stop at Bear Lake in Idaho. WOW! What a beautiful lake and place to retire or visit. A cute town accompanied by a ginormous pretty lake with hues of light blue and teal with jaw-dropping mountains behind. A must visit if you are ever in the area. We played Uno in the sand, ate some lunch nearby and continued on our way. A lovely pit stop.

After Bear Lake, we headed to Pocatello and on our way stopped at the cutest, most random garage sale in Idaho. Sounds random right? It was. Here is a selfie with the random lady who sold us random goodies from her home. Not Clutch related but you ~already know~ my browsing at the garage sale was made easier, thanks to my Clutch Strap.

As I write this, I realized that I actually don’t have many pictures or stories about Pocatello, ID although it was one of my favorite experiences from the trip. Pocatello is about halfway from Salt Lake City to Jackson, WY and I found the cutest themed suite hotel to stay at called The Black Swan Inn. Their themed suites were designed for couples to have a romantic getaway but given the 4 of us: my mom, Nana, Jaja and myself had been confined to a car together for the past X amount of days and hours non-stop, it was time for us to have separate rooms. ☺ As I mentioned, I don't have many pictures from this stop but I would HIGHLY recommend staying here. The rooms were over the top, decorated with murals and built-in waterfalls, coy ponds, terraces, round beds, majestic bathtubs… it was hilarious but amazing. (For reference, we stayed in the Jungle Suite and Arabian nights.)

Next on our journey: Jackson Hole, WY

By this time in the trip, we are about halfway through our entire road trip and the exhaustion started to set in. We pulled into Jackson and drove through the town, checked into our cabin where Nana and Jaja (who are in their 80’s) decided to rest. My mom and I went out to peak into the town and did a little bit of shopping to pick up souvenirs. I personally love raccoons tails and was able to snag a cute teal one and little keychain tail that I could not be more excited about. (We all have our things right?) As we beep bopped around Jackson, our phones stayed securely by our sides and we shared not a worry or care in the world (except washing our hands and wearing our masks, of course!) Our journey to Yellowstone National Park continued. After some much needed R&R, and a good sunset, we slumbered into the evening for a big day in the Grand Tetons to follow.

I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Teton mountains so I scheduled us a float down the Snake River with Solitude Float Tours to get the best views of the Grand Tetons and we sure were not disappointed with this decision. Allow me show you:

From the fast rapids surrounding us, “killer ducks” swimming upstream and a witty tour guide, this excursion made this leg of the trip an absolute blast! While on the beautiful float, I must mention that not once was I afraid that my phone was going to pop out of my hands or fall amongst the rapids. Clutch! Clutch! Clutch!

During all of these excursions, of course, there were bathroom breaks. Amongst taking ultimate precautions to social distance and remain sanitized, especially traveling with elderly people, my Clutch Strap was so handy because I never had to set my phone on public surfaces or fear of dropping it in the toilet if it were stashed somewhere on-body. Knowing I would be writing this blog, I took a picture for you to show you exactly how lovely it is to have your phone safe from germs and the water bowl of iPhone death.

Now Playing: Yellowstone National Park

Up to this point in our trip, we had not seen that much animal wildlife aside from the birds up above and the insects down below and our geriatrics on the trip were eager to see the big mammals. A nice fella back in Pocatello told us about Yellowstone’s Bear World and the next thing I knew, it was bumped up to a #1 priority on Nana and Jaja’s list. So, off we go to Bear World… lol! It was fun to see the little baby cubs and variety of animals (but I, personally, am not the biggest fan of zoos) so I just strolled through with my Clutch Strap and took pictures of the poor encaptured creatures trying to telepathically message to them with my eyes that I understand this is not their home but I am happy to see them and love them dearly. We saw bison and elk and bears (duh) and moose and antelope and turkeys and a whole bunch of asses! I mean donkeys. It was fun, I’ll give it that, but definitely overpriced, just FYI.

The real fun in Yellowstone, and my favorite part, was visiting the hot springs, namely the Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful. The most vibrant and beautiful colored water I’ve ever laid my eyes on! Smoke or I guess steam, flowing from cracks in the Earth was truly an astonishing thing to witness.

So beautiful right! Pictures only do so much justice to how heavenly these pools looked but mind you, no touchy! They are hot and you have to stay far away and on the boardwalk to preserve the natural landscape. I would highly recommend seeing this with your own eyes if you ever have the chance.

I also might add that yes, people did tilt their heads and look at me funny for taking pictures of my phone in front of the astonishing prismatic pools, but many also came to ask me where I got the phone strap because they wanted one. ABS: Always be Selling! Many people from all over the country learned about The Clutch Strap and that's promotion and passion, baby!

Last but certainly not least: Bozeman, MT

We were fortunate enough to stay the night in Yellowstone National Park at one of their lodges and had a lovely evening thereafter a full day of exploration around the park. We did come across wildlife as we traveled through miles of forest: we saw wild moose crossing the road and bison bathing in the distance. It was majestic to see these creatures in their natural habitat! On the last day of our trip, we woke up early in Yellowstone and headed up to the north entrance where we had planned to ride horses through the mountains. Our timing was slightly off and we arrived 10 minutes late. HOWEVER, lucky for us, they made accommodations and without paying a dime extra, we got our own private tour with the most adorable cowgirl named Bernadette.

Let me be the first to tell you that having my Clutch Strap on our horseback riding trip was crucial. 1. I am not a normal rider and had to be careful if I wanted to take a picture and 2. No one else cared to take pictures except me… Classic. As you are fully aware by now, my mom is an avid Clutch Strap user and also brought her phone so I could take pictures of her with the strap on the horse. Oh the sacrifices our parents make for us. Tear ❤

In conclusion, thanks for reading about our amazing trip out west and how it was made better, more convenient and iPhone safe with The Clutch Strap. I loved the quality time I was able to spend with my family, despite the undeniable bickering that goes on in any family spending 168+ hours together, it was a trip I’ll never forget and thanks to my Clutch Strap and camera, I was able to confidently capture it all without the slightest worry of dropping or losing my phone!

If you or someone you know could benefit from owning a Clutch Strap, I invite you to try it. I seriously believe it is the phone accessory (and life accessory at that) that you didn’t know your life was missing! We sell a variety of colors and materials, including vegan-friendly designs, to cater to anyone’s style and lifestyle preferences. You can shop them at

Thanks for reading, if you’d like a detailed itinerary feel free to email me at ❤

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