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The Go-To Gift

For The Adventurous People In Your Life

We all have those people in our lives that can’t keep track of their phone or seem like they’re always replacing a broken phone after a rough night out. Be a Clutch Friend or Family member this year and save them $1,000s of dollars by giving them the ClutchStrap for style and security… the gift that keeps GIVING all year long.

  1. For the Hardworking Mom

Moms hardly ever have free time or free hands nowadays so why not GIVE mom a hand and free her up from constant juggling and digging for her phone! The #1 reason mom’s rave about having their phone conveniently attached to a ClutchStrap is safety. Whether for their own or their child’s safety, moms need easy access to their phone at any given time. Not to mention how the ClutchStrap helps clumsy kids from dropping and shattering mom’s phone. A win-win for everyone.

2. For the One on Wheels

Whether it’s roller skating, skateboarding, riding a bike or using a scooter, it is super important to 1. Wear a helmet and 2. Wear a ClutchStrap! Our attention when on wheels is mainly staying balanced but that attention is quickly curbed when looking at your phone for directions or to change a song. We HIGHLY recommend buying a ClutchStrap for the person in your life who should keep both eyes and both hands free from distraction when riding their favorite set of wheels. Look no further when buying a gift for this person in your life and get them an accessory they can actually put to use!

3. For the Personal Photographer

We all know someone who enjoys capturing every single moment of their life so why not make it easier and more convenient for them? They will love you for it. The ClutchStrap is the perfect stocking stuffer for those friends and family members who enjoy living through the lens and capturing every Clutch moment, we recommend getting them The Original or The Cross-Body ClutchStrap to shoot in.

4. For your Festie Bestie

Nothing kills the vibe more than your friend’s phone getting stolen! Or maybe they just straight up lost it… that’s no fun either. Festival tickets are expensive enough… Save your friends the money and stress with the Clutchest gift of them all – a ClutchStrap!

5. For the Selfie Queen

This one is a guaranteed winner for the selfie queen. Get them a gift they can obsess over just as much as they obsess over their new selfie! The ClutchStrap is a perfect way for them to take new angles and selfies by hanging up their phone in obscure places… just trust us on this one, a ClutchStrap for the selfie queen is a no brainer! Now they will always be prepared for those perfect selfie moments.

6. For the Musician & DJ

While their hands are busy twisting knobs or strumming guitars, give your DJ friend a new place to put their phone when they’re busy playing the tunes. ClutchStraps are great for touring musicians because it is simply one less thing they have to worry about losing on the road. No matter how crazy the set gets, at least they will be able to keep track of their phone. Now everyone can raise the roof with both hands!

8 . For the Artist

On behalf of all the struggling artists out there, get them a ClutchStrap! Much of an artist's time is spent using their hands or messing up a studio so a ClutchStrap as a present is a great way for them to focus on what matters… their creativity! Absolutely ideal for muralists and painters, carpenters and all sorts of handy men & women. All that time spent sketching, tracing, and photographing, they sure could use an extra helping hand…a ClutchStrap is the answer!

9. For the Dog Moms & Dads

Life with kids can get hectic. Especially when your kids have four legs and fur! We’ve seen too many phones hit the concrete after the furry friend yanks on the leash when spotting a squirrel. Get them a ClutchStrap and make every walk a little easier.

9. For every Fashionista

Every fashionista loves to accessorize! For that person in your life that enjoys accessories but already owns just about everything, get them the gift of functional fashion. Better yet, get the NEW Clutch Family Bundles so they have every size of ClutchStrap available to mix and match with all of their fun outfits!

10. For the Adventure Thrill Seeker

The world is our playground to adventure! Do you have that friend who always seems to be on the go & traveling? Maybe they will take you with them next time when you introduce them to their favorite new accessory to make their travels more seamless.. The ClutchStrap! This person probably enjoys trying new things too so you will all be winning when you gift them a new ClutchStrap! No matter where they are or what they are doing, the ClutchStrap is the perfect accessory to bring along.

When in doubt, get them a ClutchStrap! Anyone and everyone can benefit from getting a genuine leather, unisex ClutchStrap for the holidays. Many of our customers have shared new and exciting ways they utilize their ClutchStraps so get one for someone and let them use it how they will! And don’t forget to treat yourself to one too because it wouldn’t be Christmas without getting a lil something for yourself ;) As a thanks for reading this month’s blog, you can apply the discount code: “HOLIDAYBLOG” at checkout and save some $$$ on this year’s presents!


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