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The Clutch Octo

The Backstory of our Octopus Logo

Slap it! Stick it! Share it! If you haven’t seen our instagram stories before, the Crew always finds a dope spot to stick our adorable mini and large octopus stickers or some dope people to share them with. But, have you ever stopped to think about our logo and why we chose an octopus to represent Clutch Creations?

The first aspect customers notice in any brand is the logo, which is why we spent a lot of consideration into our design of the Clutch octopus! Our logo was made to be an eye-catcher and a conversation starter, and has continued to prove itself time and time again. And the holographic background makes it such a great addition to water bottles or the back of your laptop!

Aside from being a beautiful and smart creature, the reasons why we decided on an octopus for the logo were a bit more meaningful. In relation to an octopus’ many tentacles, The Clutch Strap allows for extra hands and encourages fluid motion. If you look a little closer, there is an upside down heart within the design. An octopus actually has 3 hearts just like Clutch Creations’ 3 hearts: Our Crew, Customers and Community.

One heart stands for the Clutch Crew which makes up our Clutch family. Our Crew is essential for the growth of our brand because they represent us out and about, influencing a life full of love, joy, and adventure. Our Crew loves and supports one another as well as our Mother Earth, always acting in good decency and having respect for others and influencing a good vibe. They’re also just some really cool peeps :)

The second heart stands for Community because it makes us who we are. Whether it’s our personal community, hometown, or the world at large, we are all connected to one another. We appreciate the value of giving back in any way we can and supporting the greater good for one another. What goes around comes around!

Speaking of good Karma, the last heart stands for all of our Customers we have been fortunate enough to serve over the years, keeping your hands free and your phone safe, while looking stylish. Our customers are the lifeblood of this business that keeps us alive. Their support, feedback, and encouragement make us a better brand!

Some other coordinating aspects of the animal octopus to our octopus logo are that they are able to adapt to any environment just like our many varieties of Clutch Straps. Each Strap has its own variety of use cases and purposes with functionality so that you can have versatility and be prepared for any outing. Whether it’s the Mini Clutch Strap for errands, the Original for bike rides or the Cross-Body for a night out, you can adapt just like an octopus to explore freely in any environment.

Another similarity are the super strong Clutch adhesives that stick to the back of your device and act similar to the mega strength of an octopus’ suction cups. So needless to say, the Octopus is the perfect representation of our product and who we are as a brand. Props to Avery Robinson (@averyshungry on Instagram) for his creative design vision and helping our logo come to life.

Thank you for reading this month’s blog and getting to know a little bit more about the story behind the brand <3

RUN don’t walk to get yourself some of these fun holographic stickies, they even come in a deluxe pack!

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