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The Clutch Crew

Shining the Spotlight on New Members

Allow us to introduce you to the newest members of The Clutch Crew -- They are the trailblazers, forward thinkers, and trendsetters out there representing the freedom to live, be and contribute to the world in the most convenient and CLUTCH ways possible! They live the “Clutch Lifestyle;” repping what it means to live life on the go, in style. The Clutch Crew is accepting and supportive of all individuals online and in-person. Over the past four years we’ve been growing and cultivating a group of amazing ambassadors that come from all different parts of the country with different occupations and unique passions. What they all have in common is that each one embodies a beautiful human inside and out, living their life to the absolute fullest. If you are interested in getting to know a few of these amazing humans, this month’s blog is dedicated to shining the spotlight on some of our newly joined Crew members.

Jessica Mead @contentfromjess

Her favorite festival is EDC Las Vegas. She spends her free time doing creative makeup and DIY projects. She spends the rest of her time working as a retail manager.

Julia Bach @thejubacha

Her favorite festival is Shambala in British Columbia, Canada. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga and enjoying nature through camping/hiking. Her current occupation is working in a dispensary as a supervisor and budtender.

Emily Lamoreaux @emlamzz

She currently splits her time living between Baltimore and Washington DC where she is originally from. She works as a therapist and will graduate with her masters this fall. She works with kids, adolescents, and occasionally adults. Her favorite festivals are Okeechobee and Lost Lands. In her free time she likes to work on flow arts and dance as well as making jewelry.

Anna Richards @anna_dammit

She lives in the cowboy capital, Stephenville, Texas. She is a cosmetology student and is an official buyer/partner for a vintage western mercantile called Sapphires and Sagebrush. Her favorite festival is Electric Forest and like to attend it annually. In her free time, she loves creating content, repurposing textiles, leather work, and anything that inspires her.

Brooklyn Miller @brooklyn.miller

She lives in Murray, Kentucky where she goes to school at Murray State University. Her occupation is working in the accounting department at a Toyota dealership. Her favorite show is Dead Rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater. She loves spending time on the lake, hiking, and working out.

Mariselle Galdi @marisellegaldi

She currently lives in Miami, FL and is working as an aesthetician. Her favorite festival is EDCO 2019 and she is looking forward to EDC Las Vegas this October. In her free time, she practices shuffling, enjoys painting, spending time with her Sphynx cat (Raphael) and beach days.

Be sure to follow and support our new Clutch Crew members! Our ambassador program is more than just focused on content creation and exposure. The Clutch Crew is about creating a supportive environment where we can all help each other emotionally, socially, and remotely. If you or anyone you know would be a great fit for The Clutch Crew and to rep our brand, you can sign up on our website:

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