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The Adventure Phone Strap

New Year, New Places To See

Oh the places you’ll go with your ClutchStrap keeping your phone in tow! A New Year calls for plenty of new adventures for you and your trusty sidekick. The time has come to finally start all those hobbies you’ve been thinking about but haven’t made time for yet. Whether you’re hoping to travel more, explore your creative side, or embrace a more athletic and healthy lifestyle in 2023, you’ll be prepared for just about any adventure that comes along with your handy ClutchStrap right by your side. Explore some of our favorite adventures the ClutchStrap has been on and get inspired to adventure more in 2023! Whether the adventure is hands-on or hands-free, you can count on our secure & luxurious phone strap to keep your #1 electronic safe.

On The Slopes

Hiking in the Mountains

Traveling the World

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Trying New Hobbies

Or Enjoying Old Ones!

Whatever adventure this year brings you, we hope you embrace every opportunity to live life to the fullest in your ClutchStrap! If you have some fun experiences with the ClutchStrap you’d like to share, we would love to hear them! Drop us a comment on Instagram or click here to write a review on Amazon and help other people find the world’s first patented, interchangeable, adhesive phone strap! #thatsclutch

Happy New Year, friends!

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