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5 Reasons Why You and Your Love Need Clutch Straps

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other, your Galentine’s, or the bros, the Clutch Strap is the perfect gift to share your love. Nothing says, “love” more than a genuine leather phone strap of their favorite color. If love still isn’t enough to convince you to buy you and your loved one matching Clutch Straps, there are 5 reasons below that might change your mind.

  1. The Lazy Texter

We have all experienced the frustration that comes with waiting hours for a response back. Put your mind at ease by getting them a Clutch Strap so their phone will be by their side at all times. With this assurance, there will be no more excuses for late response time.

2. The Pack Mule

No one likes to feel like a pack mule. You will no longer have the responsibility of carrying your significant other’s phone for them when their clothes don’t have pockets, their hands are full, or they forgot their purse.

3. The Paparazzi

Ever feel like a personal photographer always on standby for when they want a glamour shot or selfie? Make sure your phone is always in close proximity for those perfect picture moments.

4. The Life of The Party

If your friends are a lil on the crazy side but always bring the party with their energetic and chaotic energy, they definitely need a Clutch Strap.The next time they end up dancing on an elevated surface or cartwheeling through the streets, their phone will be secure by their side through it all.

5. The Nomophobe

(short for no-mobile-phone phobia)

Can’t remember the last time you were able to hold hands because they prefer to hold their phone instead? If they are constantly on their phone and checking it every 5 minutes, the Clutch Strap is the perfect solution to getting their phone out of their hands.

Think of the ones you love and also yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Get a Clutch Strap! (It just might save your relationship.)

Author : Our Clutch Intern, Meredith Gill

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