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Rave Baby POV

My First Rave Experience with a Clutch Strap

I am what many festival-goers would consider a “rave baby.” Although I have been exposed to the so-called “rave scene” for a while now, I mainly attended smaller events and concerts.

Now that I am an official member of the Clutch team as the Crew Community Manager, I feel like I’m owning my title of being an actual member of the rave community after entering the portal, as they say, and attending Okeechobee camping music festival for the first time last week. It was such an amazing first festival experience and helped me see the Clutch Strap in a whole new light. After witnessing how many people struggled to keep up with their phone or had their phone stolen right under their noses, I was extremely grateful to have the Clutch Strap on me, always right by my side. My first hand experience using the Clutch Strap at a festival is such a fond memory, I wanted to write about why it should be the #1 item on your packing list.

For starters, my favorite aspect of rave culture is the free and accepting environment where anyone can walk around wearing whatever they please or barely anything at all without any judgment. I saw people in everything from banana hammocks, to overalls, to thongs, to onesies. But even with everyone’s different styles, we all had one thing in common… no where to conveniently put anything! Our outfits were not designed or made with cell phones in mind, simply leaving everyone without pockets or room for any storage. But lucky for me I knew what I was getting into and thankfully packed The Clutch Strap! It was just what I needed to keep my phone on me at all times without having to carry it in my hand or have it buried down in the bottom of my backpack. It was also a huge lifesaver when it came to using the oh so lovely porta potties.

One thing I know for sure is I will definitely be packing extra Straps next time because it seemed like everyone around me was constantly struggling to keep up with their phones. One morning, I woke up to an alarm at 4 am from someone who misplaced their phone and needless to say, it continued to go off all morning. And sadly earplugs can only help out so much in those situations. To make matters worse, on the second day, I heard at least two of my camp neighbors looking everywhere for their phones because they had a little too much fun the first night and either lost their phones or someone took them. The funny thing is that most of the people you meet are super kind and down to earth so you assume that there is no way anyone would think to steal from you. But stealing is so common at these large scale events that people even have tiny locks on their backpack zippers. However, as for me, I was worry-free But because I had the Clutch Strap, I had a newfound sense of safety and security, especially when I was on cloud 9. 💫

There are constantly so many activities that you need to have your hands free for but still need your phone ready for photo opportunities. Especially with all of the items you have to lug around at a festival, such as water, a pashmina, snacks and all the other fun goodies people trade and gift at festivals, having my Clutch Strap made my life so much easier by giving me one less thing to have in my hands! Some of my favorite things to do there were start my mornings with yoga, build a sand castle on the beach, get creative making crafts, painting, and finding my flow hula hooping or playing volleyball, and many more fun things. Not to mention all of the booging and grooving along to the music. Need I say it again, the entire time I felt like The Clutch Strap was both a pain-killer and a vitamin to my festival experience, never a burden.

Okeechobee showed me that festivals are meant to make you feel free, safe, and accepted, not fearful or on edge. With my Clutch Strap, I was able to fully relax knowing that no matter how crazy things got, my phone was safely hanging around my neck ready to capture the moment. Anyone that goes to shows or huge events often can definitely benefit from purchasing one. Especially with festival season kicking off, this is the perfect time to get yourself and your crew a new Clutch Strap. You definitely won’t regret it! #thatsclutch

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