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Merch Season

A Look into Clutch's Debut Merch Line

Creativity has been flowing at Clutch Creations and we are extremely excited to show off our original designs and inspiration for the first ever Clutch merch line. And just in time for hoodie season! We facilitated pre-orders for our 3 exclusive hoodie designs along with our 4 different beanie designs, all created by a different member of our team.

The one thing we definitely made sure to offer with our merch line is top notch quality. As hoodie enthusiasts, we wanted our brand to be represented by the most comfortable and durable hoodies we could find. These hoodies are premium heavyweight fleece with double lined hoods and custom embroidery. Once we found the perfect hoodie we began collaborating on one design, but then decided it would be fun to have each team member design a hoodie based on our individual creativity inspiration.

The RGBIV Clutch Hoodie

Designed by our Community Manager, Meredith Grill

Features of this design include an Astroworld-inspired multicolor design of our “That’s Clutch” logo on the front and a white embroidered Clutch octopus logo on the hood.

The Drip Drip Hoodie

Designed by our CMO, Taylor Cottrell

A simple and clean design that delivered a bangin’ streetwear vibe. Taylor loves the drip aesthetic and wanted to incorporate a new font with the “That’s Clutch” phrase for the front of the design.

The Lucky Draw Hoodie

Designed by our CEO, Kristi Frank

Inspired by the gamble of life, this design is a remake of a patch Kristi had on her ski jacket for years. If you look closely, you can see the suits of the cards are taken from aspects of the Clutch logo and the numbers on the cards are her lucky numbers & birthday 722.

That’s Clutch Beanie

You can’t have one without the other! Pair your hoodie with the new That’s Clutch cursive logo, embroidered beanie. We are offering four different color options for the embroidered logo: white, neon green, orange, and lavender. The orange beanie is definitely giving off major Halloween vibes that we did not intend for, but are fully embracing!

Keep warm this holiday season while repping the That’s Clutch lifestyle. With our merch you can expect top notch quality, original creative designs, and little details that make all the difference.


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