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Joining the Crowd is a Clutch Decision

Customers tell us that a Cross-Body Clutch Strap is a must-have evolution of our Original Leather Clutch Strap so we are excited to announce we are making a capital raise via CROWD-FUNDING for our new Cross-Body Clutch Strap. The Cross-Body Clutch Strap will still have all of the benefits of the Original Leather Clutch Strap — including being 100% Genuine Leather, easily attachable to any phone or case with our interchangeable Clutch Clips and allowing for convenient 24/7 Easy Screen Access — only now, our customers can wear it comfortably across their body!

Our Kickstarter campaign was scheduled to launch in March. Hmmm. What could have POSSIBLY delayed it? But when the going gets tough, the tough get Clutch so we took a few months to evaluate the economic landscape in light of the pandemic and now more than ever we are ready to launch. More details on that in a moment. But for other entrepreneurs pursuing funding for their dreams I want to encourage creativity in pursuing a capital raise. During a meeting with a potential investor, it became clear that an equity partnership was not likely, but we were able to pivot the meeting into a purchase order for 500 straps for a company event. We also pursued a $10,000 grant from Cobb County’s newly developed Entrepreneurship program and the cash we received from winning this grant allowed us to create a marketing video and pursue a Kickstarter campaign for our new product. (Shoutout to the Cobb County Economic Development Committee and Kyle Cornelius!)

We are ready to bring a new Clutch experience to the world and we are asking friends, family, and the community at large to hear us out and invest in a dynamic new patented product and young company prepared to take on the world. I feel so blessed to have an immense amount of support from old friends, coaches, teachers, mentors, ex-boyfriends (ha!) and many more who have seen this journey through with me and with the rest of The Clutch Crew. Sweat equity is a thing, but they should really call it “Blood, Sweat and Tears Equity” because that is the more accurate portrayal of my entrepreneurial journey. If you’re reading this… it’s NOT TOO LATE; we are launching the Kickstarter and shooting our shot on November 2nd, 2020.

Follow our campaign here to be notified when we launch:

Also, there will be a VIRTUAL LAUNCH PARTY via zoom on November 2nd at 7:00PM EST where we will debut the Kickstarter video and launch the campaign! We would love if you would attend, here is a link to the event page:

It is SO important for our friends and family to pledge within the first 24 hrs! Doing this gives us the chance of being fully funded and the Kickstarter platform rewards you by becoming a “Featured Product” and on the “Projects We Love” page.


This is the most simple and affordable way to support us, and we would so appreciate it! (Perhaps consider pledging more than $1, but we understand money can be tight so any pledge (no matter how small) is a step towards reaching our goal!!

Additionally, please subscribe to our email newsletter directly on our website pop-up or located at the bottom of the site. Our website is:

While you’re at it, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok: @thats.clutch

Sending love, gratitude and joy to everyone who has supported us on this journey!

Many thanks,

Kristi ❤

Kristi, CEO (left) & Taylor, CMO (right)

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