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Could you Imagine...?

Here's the scoop, we're giving away a FREE weekend passes to Imagine Music Festival and Clutch is sponsoring a fashion show!

Music festivals promote uniqueness, love, and community. The music, the dancing, the sense of togetherness makes it feel like the outside world is no longer relevant. Clutch has always resonated with the festival community and the free lifestyle associated with it. The idea for The Clutch Strap was actually born at a music festival when our founder Cam had a Halloween costume with no pockets in it and she couldn't afford to replace her phone if it got lost or stolen, two things that happen very often at weekend long festivals. But luckily for us all, The Clutch Strap was invented to solve this dilemma! Lot’s of our customers and Crew members are rave babes and swear by how convenient, helpful, and comforting it is having the Clutch Strap keep track of their phone so they can be care free!

Embracing the hands-free Clutch Lifestyle

This past weekend we had much of our Clutch Crew and friends in attendance at the Imagine Music Festival, a fest held every summer near Atlanta, Georgia. People travel from all around the country to attend this underwater themed fantasy festival and it never disappoints so we decided it would be fun to send one lucky contest winner to the festival for free! This year we also got to be part of bringing the magic to life by sponsoring the first ever fashion show put on by The Festival Babes. this past Saturday, The Clutch Crew’s very own Anna Richards (IG @annadammit) worked the runway and repped the Black and Silver Cross-Body Clutch Strap in the show during the Kaskade pool party. We were honored to be a part of and support our community of functional fashion goddesses and be able to showcase the Clutch Strap in all of its glory. You can check out more entertaining coverage highlighting the event from Atlanta or on this blog post by TFB.

If you were at the festival this year, hopefully you were prepared and ready to keep your phone safe, by your side, and ready to capture the next #Clutchmoment.

Anna on the runway carrying her Black & Silver Cross-Body Clutch Strap

In case you missed it this time, our big giveaway contest ran on our Instagram @thats.clutch for two weeks with some of our favorite female-owned brands to celebrate the fashion show. One lucky winner got the chance to go to the festival for FREE stocked with a new matching outfit and a limited edition Clutch Strap.

The Grand Prize Included:

-1 Festival Pass to Imagine Music Festival including a Saturday pool party pass to attend The Festival Babes’ Fashion Show!

-1 Wavy Baby Limited Edition Clutch Strap

-1 Pair of Wook Earrings with ear plugs

-1 Yellow Swimsuit by Luna Expressions

-1 Roo print mesh top by Mamie Ruth

-1 Set of Acid Smiley Nailz by Rave Nailz

-1 limited edition bucket hat from the Festival Babes

Congratulations to our winner @filipinaa! We hope you are enjoyed your Imagine Fest Christmas in September. ($575 + value)

That’s all folks :) Check out our brand new Metallic Slate Mini Clutch Strap and stay updated on our Instagram and Facebook for exciting announcements, discounts, and more giveaways! Huge thanks for tuning in this month!

The New Metallic Slate Mini Clutch Strap

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