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How to be “Clutch” during the Quarantine

Pro tips for making your life easier utilizing The Clutch Strap to maximize your Quarantine experience.

What is a “Clutch Strap” you ask?

The Clutch Strap is a new way to wear your phone; a new trend to stylishly sport your phone conveniently around your neck or on your shoulder. You can keep your phone case and simply stick the “Clutch Clips” on the back of your phone and attach the Strap. Boom. And it adds a little extra sum sum to your outfit too. We like to call it “functional fashion” …#thatsclutch baby.

What makes it so great… “during the quarantine?”

The following list of occasions are my personal favorites of when The Clutch Strap was simply the silver lining to my new norms of experiences during this strange time of social distancing. Read more to understand what exactly that means.

Clutch at the grocery store.

It’s simple: I really only need a mask, gloves and my phone for a successful grocery visit. No need to bring in my bag and anything else that can grab germs.

Those 3 things have everything I need: Grocery list saved in Notes, Card information saved in my digital wallet and PPE covering my body.

The goal of every visit is to stock up on essentials for your house, stay as far away from other humans as possible and touch the least amount of items while you’re there… including your phone! Having my phone hanging from my neck for easy access to my grocery list has been so helpful in every apocalyptic grocery store visit.

Clutch for house chores.

Like Cooking.

I simply hang my phone from the cabinet, use Siri to start and stop timers, watch my Tasty how-to instructions video and never have to do the annoying task of picking my phone up and moving it every time you need more counter space. I especially avoid touching it after I handle raw meat… and let’s not forget the classic “I ruined my phone because something spilled on it.” With The Clutch Strap in the kitchen…my phone is perfectly out of harm's way. And Vacuuming. Sweeping, dusting, etc etc. you get it. Whatever chore you’re using to keep yourself busy during this quarantine, I’m sure you’re either listening to a podcast or music and I’d go as far to say you’re wearing Air pods. It is so nice having your phone hanging right where you know where to find it.

Clutch riding a bike.

Imagine this: you’re riding your bike and it’s time to… change the song, skip the poorly-read podcast ad read or look at the directions for where you’re going. Normally, you’d have to pull off to do any of these things right?

If you’re rocking a Clutch Strap (depending on your bike riding abilities and confidence) you don’t have to stop riding to do any of this and there is no worry that your phone is going to fall to its death! Enjoy the ease of picking up and dropping your phone at will.

Clutch for dog walks.

Put a Clutch Strap on your phone and your hands are now free to poop scoop, hold the leash and wave to neighbors. No more worrying about dropping your phone when your dog darts off to chase a squirrel.

This includes any other type of walking you do: hiking, powerwalking, exercising … The Clutch Strap allows you to minimize the amount of stuff you carry with you on a regular basis. Especially if you’re like me and you like to call your friends on walks, with a Clutch Strap you can minimize your phone-to-face contact. Use speakerphone or AirPods and you are SET.

That’s All.

These are just a few of my favorite #ClutchMoments. Please comment if you can think of more! Imagine all of the activities you can do now that both of your hands are free :) If you believe your life could be made more “Clutch” with a Clutch Strap, browse our latest styles at

Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for more #ClutchMoments from me, Clutch Kristi.


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