Clutch Misses The Comm(unity)

Who else misses festivals, fundraisers and functions? What about SPORTS — I know some of you guys are dying out there. I feel for you! I miss thrifting (namely Rag-O-Rama) and hanging out with my friends, making jokes with strangers and exploring restaurants around Atlanta.

But the silver lining is IT WILL ALL BE BACK, one day… & hopefully soon.

Community, in the dictionary, is defined as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common” or the second definition is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

The Clutch Crew is going to steer more towards the second definition as we go through and thank the many communities who have supported us on this journey and have shared our common goal of making functional fashion more widely acceptable :)

We wouldn’t be here without y’all. This one’s for you.

A special THANK YOU from the Clutch Crew goes out to…

The first community to thank is one filled with bright, driven, encouraging, and ambitious people found at the University of Georiga. Athens, GA is where our roots were planted and where we began to grow. Between Walker’s Coffee shop and the SLC (now MLC), countless hours were spent working on Clutch and bringing our first product to life.

(Outside pics) The first showcase of The Clutch Strap at the Students to Start-ups event in 2017. (Inside pics) Clutch Creations wins “Most Innovative Chariot” at the annual RedBull Chariot race [not pictured: Weston Warnackle]

2017 Next Great Consumer Brands Pitch Competition hosted by UGA

Special Shoutouts to John Craft, Kalim Kalla, JD Barfield, Chelsea Fulghum, Noor Qazi and Josiah Garrett for being key contributors at the start of it all; and Bob Pinckney, Megan Henning, Jim Flannery, David Sutherland and Jared Bybee for directing and networking us; and the entire UGA student body as well as Matt Miller, Blaise McComb, Christina Kurian and the entire Society of Entrepreneurs that supported us during that time and beyond!

The amount of opportunities, exposure, resources, introductions and locations that UGA provided were crucial to incubate our baby brand into the (hopefully recognizable) brand it is today.

Thank you to the UGA Kickstart Fund for granting us our first $2,500 to get off the ground. That money was crucial in our humble beginnings.

Next Up… Our Festival Families ❤

The Festival Community is like no other — it’s a family. Shout OUT to all of my music-loving, free-spirited, accepting, expressive + impressive festival and bass babes who roam the lots around the county. We have had a blast testing out new ideas and targeting our product to you and we are committed to making festival experiences more Clutch.

Kristi (left) and Taylor (right) at Imagine music festival in 2018

We appreciate how straight-up awesome this community has been, welcoming Clutch with open arms and being so supportive — from our Clutch Crew ambassadors to the security guards who let me pass when my wristband didn’t say I could but let me go anyway… this business wouldn’t have continued with so much passion without y’all.

Special shout out and thank you Tucker aka “The Festival Guy”

..for showcasing The Clutch Strap as a featured product in the digital publication for FestEvo. Your company’s mission to clean up festivals, promote using reusable utensils and cups, spreading love and joy… is so contagious and we have been so enthused to support a mission with real impact.


For reppin’ The Clutch Strap far and wide at music festivals across the county. You have directly contributed to the growth of Clutch Creations and I love you for your help in spreading the word about the Clutch Lifestyle.

Shout out to: Danielle Sudderth, Nicole Bashoon, Kyle Witte, Victoria Bush, Ansley Davis, Chelsea Fulghum, JD Barfield, Cat Fernandes, Sherree Simonson, Sammy McCollum, Kyle White, Kailey Fregd, Matt Arnold, Shauna Olson, Devin Neighbors, Kelli McCarthy, Riley Sinclair, Kiara Jailene, Holly Croom, Kat Pick, Noor Qazi, Shannon Seigner and Natalie Carey!!!

You guys are the secret sauce and every single one of you has contributed to our success.

THANK YOU TO ALL THE CREATORS who collaborated with us and have helped us make awesome content to promote.

Especially, Jason Linder (@Highdeas), Jeromy (@AcreMedia), Jack Boring (@JacksBoring), Jazmine Ricks (@faux_fleur), Bella Zitron (@ZitronMedia), James Gillespe (@theJamesM), David Choe (@ChoesenOne), Travis Jacques (@ShapeYourMedia), Kristi Mayer (@KristiMayerPhoto), Mayra (@MayratheMexican), Kat (@KatKorri), Angela Galinetti (@AngGalinetti), Carlie Adair (@shotsbycarl), Ashley Cottrell (@AshleyHardin), Nicole Bradley (@NicoleBradleyy), Alex Lane (@alexcllane), Amelia Foster (@amilicf) and many more!

And another thanks to our favorite graphic designers: Erin Bartlett (@itsbartlettbitch), Alexis Cason (@AlexisCason), Will Ingram (@landofthefreak), Noor Qazi (@noorxx), Josiah Garrett (@real.josiah.garrett) and Avery Robinson (@averyishungry)

You all are the most talented individuals and I am excited to have you as friends and resources; keep making dope creations! You are inspiring.

Thanks to the generous mentors who have dedicated their time and expertise to help us develop our business.

That’s YOU: Heather & Tommy Breedlove, Michelle Blue, Charles Parisi, Dirk Schroeder, Mike Inglesby, Tom Gesky, Kyle Cornelius and Cliff Oxford. (and many more!)

Countless hours of phone calls, coffee meetings, email threads and pitching practice have been spent with you and I cannot personally thank you enough for donating your time to help and support us.

Next Up… Thank you to our manufacturers.

And the various communities of seamstresses, factories and designers who (literally) helped us bring The Clutch Strap to life when we couldn’t make it ourselves. Especially, you, Paula Echavarria! (@PaulaEchav)

Together, we tested out every material, piece of hardware, adhesive, sublimation print source and idea I had. Some worked, most didn’t but we learned together and adapted The Clutch Strap into the product it is today and I couldn’t be more grateful to have had the help from many, many people to make my dream a reality.

and lastly, Thank You Mom.

You are Clutch’s #1 fan and you have supported the business the entire time. I have so much love, respect and gratitude for your contributions to my ideas and desires, crazy or not.

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