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Clutch For Costumes

Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Your Favorite Clutch Straps

If you are planning some last minute Halloween costumes this year and need some inspiration, the Clutch Strap is the perfect accessory to help! Don’t let the fright of losing your phone spook you this year. The Clutch Strap is designed to be functionally fashionable and go with just about any outfit, but sometimes we know it's easier to plan your outfit off of your favorite accessories! Read below to see some awesome costume ideas we came up with to pair with your favorite Straps this Spooky Season.

WARNING: You may scare people with how cool you will look.

1. Dracula- Don’t let losing your phone suck the fun out of your night… Pair the Strap of the month, the OG Black and Red Clutch Strap, with your Dracula Costume.

2. Cheetah- Have an extra wild night out and pair with your favorite cheetah clothes accompanied by the limited edition Mini Clutch Strap, the Wild Night Mini.

3. Angel- Angels don't lose their phone either! Be on your best behavior pairing one of the White Clutch Straps with your costume. Try the White and Gold Cross-body Clutch Strap!

4. Peaky Blinders- Don’t forget to keep that thang on ya with the NEW limited edition Gunmetal Gray Mini. Perfect for men or women to pull of this iconic look.

5. Cruella- There’s 101 different costumes you can pair the Black and White OG Clutch Straps with…but Cruella seems like the best one!

6. Bob Ross- Some classic fan favorites are anything to do with Bob Ross and our Oil Spill Mini. Don't let losing your phone this year be a "happy accident."

7. Fairy- All of your forest friends are certain to be jealous of your functional fashion. Add a little bit of ~sparkle~ to your fairy costume this year with the limited edition Champagne Taste Mini.

8. Kim Possible- Anything is possible when you're wearing your phone! Don’t be just an average girl, be Kim Possible and sport the Brown and Brass Cross-Body.

9. Alice in Wonderland- It’s a mad world without the Black and Blue Clutch Strap. Never lose track of time in this timeless classic Clutch Strap.

10. Indiana Jones- The Brown and Brass Mini is the perfect sidekick for you Halloween adventures. Strap in and Strap up with any style of the Brown & Brass Clutch Straps.

We hope these costume collages gave you some inspiration for some simple, last minute costumes this year. We would love to see your Clutch Costumes too! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #thatsclutch and tag us in your photos @thats.clutch :) Happy Halloween!

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