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Clutch At College

5 College Town Activities You Definitely Need a Clutch Strap For

College towns have their own sense of charm, youth and excitement – If you have ever visited or lived in a college town, you may have experienced the unique atmosphere it has compared to other small towns. Athens, GA, home of the Georgia Bulldogs, is one of those special places in our hearts with its own sense of unique charm and personality and of course because it is the birthplace of The Clutch Strap! But like most college towns, no matter what time it is or where you are, you can always find some sort of event happening from Greek life activities to the variety of bars & restaurants, music and entertainment, sports, etc. Understandably, not every student gets to experience the diverse & lively magic that is Athens, GA, but you get it… college towns in their full potential can be a LOT of fun. Take a trip with us to explore 5 reasons why we love The Clutch Strap in a college town.

1. College Sports!

For starters, a game day Saturday in Athens is something everyone needs to experience in their lifetime! We can’t speak for every team but especially if you are a Georgia fan (we know you take your football very seriously) it is absolutely essential to have a Clutch Strap so you can have the freedom to throw both hands in the air to cheer on the dawgs! Not to mention, using a Clutch Strap also gets you out of having to deal with the clear bag policy to take your phone into the stadium. Instead of lugging around a bag all day, keep your phone safely around your neck or by your side, ready to scream TOUCHDOWN!!! with both hands in the air when the Dawgs score. And you can’t have football season without everyone’s favorite part…the tailgating activities and drinking games! Have a drink in one hand and play corn hole with the other while your phone stays safe on your person.

2. Thrifting

College life means a college budget. Thrift stores in Athens are superior to all other thrift stores and nine times out of ten you will find a vintage gem to take home with you. Especially if you have a thrifting problem like me, you’ll try to avoid grabbing a cart to limit spending. Regardless of having the cart or not, you end up with both arms full of fun things “I can’t live without,” but thankfully, I never lose or misplace my phone because it’s always by my side attached to my Clutch Strap!

3. Concerts

Athens is known for its music scene having some of the best bands and singers to ever live, performing at Athens' very own Georgia Theater. On any given day you can catch a show and when you remember to throw on a Clutch Strap, you won't miss a beat recording when your favorite song starts playing. Another perk we love is not needing to worry about leaving your phone in the bathroom or dropping it to get trampled on by the crowd.

4. Weekend Markets

Bright and early every weekend, Athens hosts cute little markets all around town. Maybe you find yourself strolling around Bishop Park farmer’s market, gathering tons of fresh veggies or winding down drinking a crisp beer at Creature Comfort’s. Using the Clutch Strap at whatever your weekend daytime fun adventures are, The Clutch Strap just takes your shopping experience to a whole new level of convenience. Be sure to try some of my favorite local vendors like Enos Bakery for their scones, The Sultan for their pita chips, and Harvest Moon Gardens for their fresh flowers!

5. Around Campus

As a student at UGA, you know the hills on the campus are absolutely brutal and whatever you can do to make your morning walk to class easier, you will absolutely do. The Clutch Strap gives you one less thing to worry about in the mornings and frees up your hands for coffee, water bottles, and listening to music. They are especially helpful if you ride a bike, scooter, or skateboard to class. And PSA for all the freshmen out there, your campus map app will always be on standby for those moments when you realize you're lost and have to sprint across campus to make it on time. Trust me, I know from experience!


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