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Chuckle with Clutch

A Clutch Crew Appreciation Event

Last Sunday May 15th, the ATL Clutch Crew got together at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Midtown for some laughs, libations, and lighthearted games. Our mindset behind this event was to celebrate everyone that makes Clutch what it is- a group of kick-ass, go-getting, trend-setters. We rewarded the Crew and their guests with fun prizes, free drinks, yummy snacks, and goodie bags for all their support and hard work over the years. If you couldn’t make it to this one, we surely missed you! BUT we definitely plan on hosting more Crew appreciation in the future and have a meetup in the works at this year’s iconic Electric Forest festival happening next month for all of our rave babes in the Crew.

The afternoon was kicked off with some chill jams by Jordano (@danyo.fig) and some yummy finger food and delicious drinks for top notch mingling amongst everyone. After everyone got settled in, Kelsey Graham was brought up on stage and set the tone for the rest of the event with some hilarious jokes!

Next on the agenda, we played some Clutch Trivia to test who knew the most about the brand and give away some cool prizes. @taylorcottrell and @estervod both won some originally designed hoodies from Vistaprint and @Shannonsiegner won the “Guess how many Gumballs” game and got a Clutch hat to take home as well as $75 store credit.

To wrap up the event, we asked the audience for feedback on our upcoming designs and product introductions, received some great feedback, and invited any of our guests to hop on stage to promote themselves and the variety of endeavors we are all involved in. This community is driven by supporting and encouraging one another to run, don’t walk, to chase their dreams! We could not be more pleased with the turn out of events and the amazing vibes that filled the entire room, getting to enjoy one another’s company in person for the first time in a while!

A HUGE thanks goes out to:

- Vistaprint for sponsoring the event and providing resources to make the branded merch giveaways

- Laughing Skull Lounge for hosting the event

- Kelsey Graham for the good laughs

-Jordano for the great music

-Joe Moriarty for capturing the event

Our goal is to make this event the first of many to come! We are fortunate to have ambassadors from all over the country and hope to one day recognize everyone for the role they play in growing Clutch Creations! View the full album of pictures here.

Stay Clutch, folks!

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