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2021 is Coming in Clutch

Featuring the highs and lows of 2020 and the Clutch Crew’s goals for the New Year.

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a year of trials and tribulations for everyone, let alone business owners. With the daunting effects of the Pandemic causing many businesses to close their doors, this time of uncertainty pushed our team to think outside of the box and pivot to new strategies. We can proudly say that we made it through this strange year and have high hopes for what 2021 will bring.

For a recap of the year, we started by discontinuing the original Clutch Strap where it all started- The Classic Clutch Strap. Our motive was simply to focus on the design features and improve the quality for re-launch in the future. Shortly after, the Pandemic reached the U.S. and our world came to a standstill. Our Kickstarter campaign was scheduled to occur in March but was postponed, which at first seemed like a huge low. But what goes down, must come up! This delay caused our project campaign to be drafted and in turn, led to a lot more exposure and free marketing. But similar to what many other businesses experienced, our direct to consumer sales took a hit. Not to mention, festivals, concerts, and other events were canceled which affected our initial target market and led to a pivot towards a more mass-market appeal. With this, came a shift in our marketing practices to relate and stay relevant amidst the Pandemic.

Before the year came to a close, we were able to secure some wins with custom orders, a higher quality manufacturer, and our Kickstarter campaign! By switching to a new packaging manufacturer in Bogata, Columbia, we decreased our packaging costs by $3.50 per unit. Despite the delay, we were able to further prepare until the Kickstarter did occur on November 2nd. Our original goal of $11,722 was met and surpassed to a total of $21,143 thanks to our amazing 244 backers. WE LOVE YOU! That being said, we could not have made it through these times without the support of our loyal customers, friends, and family. So, THANK YOU!

With the new year comes new goals and high hopes! Our efforts are aimed at an expansion in all company aspects. If some of you do not know, an octopus has three hearts. Clutch’s 3 hearts pertain to our Clutch Crew, our customers, and community. Our crew is continuing to grow with the addition of two new interns and multiple new ambassadors. To increase sales and attract new customers, we are pursuing nationwide retail sales channels and focusing more on “big box” retailers. For better shelf appeal, the packaging is in the process of being redesigned. We will be introducing two new product lines- the Cross-Body Clutch Strap and the Mini Clutch Straps- and a new and improved Classic Clutch strap. To engage more with our community, we hope to make our story more public by offering behind the scenes content and possibly a… podcast??? Artist collaborations and “Clutch for a Cause” are also in the foreseeable future. So stay tuned! If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to keep moving forward. We hope your 2021 comes in Clutch, too.

*This blog was written by our Clutch Intern, Meredith Grill.

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