Wipe the bottom of your phone case clean with the alcohol wipe.


Peel the backing of the adhesive sticker on both Clutch Clips. 


Stick both Clutch Clips on the back bottom of your phone with the clip openings facing down.


Insert your Clutch Strap into both clips.

**Allow the Clutch Clips to set for 24 hours minimum before attaching your Clutch Strap**


Enjoy the


Clutch lifestyle!

HowItWorks (1).gif
IMPORTANT: Each strap comes with one extra set of Clutch Clips. Additional sets can be purchased separately on our website.


How does The Clutch Strap attach to the back of the phone?

The Clutch Clips utilize an industrial-strength 3M foam adhesive to attach to the back of *most phone cases. To attach your Strap, you first clean the flat phone case surface, peel and stick the adhesive on the back of the clip to the phone case, apply pressure, allow the adhesive to set and form a bond before attaching your Strap. Once the Clutch Clips have set for 24 hrs, you can attach your new Clutch Strap! *Plastic is the best surface to stick the adhesives to. Silicone, matte-finish and rubber cases do not stick well and we do not recommend using them.

What happens if I get a new phone case?

We send an additional set of Clutch Clips with all initial purchases. If you need more clips or just want extras, we sell Clutch Clips in sets of two (4 total Clips) listed on our shop tab.

Can I have multiple different straps and use the same clips on each?

Yes! The clips are universal for all straps.

Is the Clutch Strap machine washable?

No. Due to our straps being 100% genuine leather, we recommend spot cleaning only.

Are there different lengths of straps?

Yes! Currently, we offer three varieties of Clutch Strap styles/fits. Our Mini Clutch Straps are worn wristlet style or can hook around objects or clothing such as backpacks and beltloops. Our Original Clutch Straps measure 39" from end to end and are typicaly worn lanyard style or over the shoulder. Our Cross-Body Clutch Straps lmeasure 52" from end to end and our worn across the body. All our Clutch Straps are unisex and versatile for all your different needs and occasions.

What happens if my Clutch Strap breaks?

When you love and use your strap as much as we think you will... wear and tear is likely to occur after heavy use. We recommend replacing your clips every few months to ensure maximum durability! If you are having a reccuring problem with your strap, please reach out to us through email or phone and we will happily look into the issue for you:) Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority! *Carefully following pre-cleaning and wait time instructions for setting your clips are vital for proper function*

The Clutch Strap is patented.

Frequently asked, this product is patented with two design patents and one utility patent.

What if my adhesive fails and I followed the directions?

We will send you more adhesives! Our industrial strength adhesive is designed and tested to hold up through wear and tear given you waited the 24 hour rule before use. However, there are some instances that can cause the adhesive to weaken and we want you to love your Clutch Strap and be able to use it at all times. If you are experiencing issues, please contact us at and we will work with you to resolve the problem:)

Are there phone cases that are incompatible with The Clutch Strap?

Unfortunately, yes. The Clutch Clips utilize an industrial-strength foam adhesive and certain phone cases are made from materials that do not allow the adhesive to bond properly. Substrates including some silicone and rubber cases have a "matte" velvety, soft-touch finish that will not allow for a bond to form. Usually this is discovered in the first few minutes, if not immediately, with a non-compatible case as the clips pop off easily with very little pressure. Riggid and texturized cases are not recommended for the Clutch Clips as they need a flat, clean surface to stick to. We recommend using a plastic phone case for maximum strength. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at