Both fashionable and functional, we have designed the first patented, universal phone strap of its kind. 


The Clutch Strap is designed with freedom of choice in mind.

Hate pulling your phone in and out of a bag? Us too. Our strap hangs from the back of your phone case via our interchangeable Clutch Clips made with industrial-strength adhesive.

IMPORTANT: Each strap comes with one extra set of Clutch Clips. Additional sets can be purchased separately on our website.


Wipe the bottom of your phone case clean with the alcohol wipe.


Peel the backing of the adhesive sticker on both Clutch Clips. 


Stick both Clutch Clips on the back bottom of your phone with the clip openings facing down.


Insert your Clutch Strap into both clips.

**Allow the Clutch Clips to set for 24 hours minimum before attaching your Clutch Strap**


Enjoy the


Clutch lifestyle!


The Leather Clutch Strap is hand-assembled with love in Medellin, Colombia from 100% genuine leathers.

Our design team carefully chooses the leather hides which are then precisely cut and custom branded with a high power laser.

Following the branding stage, each Clutch Strap is carefully assembled with our metal rivets and hardware to complete its unique design.


We are two girls on a mission to change the way we look at functional fashion. Having first met back in College, Kristi and Taylor discovered a shared passion for music festivals. “It’s no secret that we have our phones on us everywhere we go, the problem is finding a solution that takes our mind off its whereabouts, so we can live in the moment.” 


When packing for a music event in 2013, Kristi was struck with inspiration for a universal phone strap. This led to the first prototype of what was to become,“The Clutch Strap”. After crossing paths with Taylor, she introduced her idea and they set out on what became a shared dream and joint passion of bringing convenience and style into an area no one has seen before.

Questions, suggestions, and special requests

"Before a completely SOLD OUT Bonnaroo, the greatest thing I ever did was purchase a CLUTCH STRAP! People around me were having their phones lost or stolen right out of their bags, and mine hung safely around my neck all weekend!! I was never stressed about finding it or not having it easily accessible for all those dope photo moments. It even had a perfect little place to hang my sunglasses so I never lost those either. I seriously could not have survived the crowds and porta potties without this strap. So so SO happy with this product, and got so many compliments on the cute characters on the Freak Mode strap! 10/10 definitely recommend!!"

- Noor

"I bought 9 Leather Clutch Straps for myself and as Christmas gifts. I've been wearing it about a year. It's so convenient to have my iPhone ready to look at whenever I want to rather than fumbling for it in a pocket. It's also much more comfortable than having it in a pocket or fanny pack. It looks good with anything, business or casual attire."

- Aditya

"Best thing ever for your phone! Convenient for sure! I am in and out of hospitals, patient rooms....I am on the phone constantly!! No more searching in a bottomless purse, in pockets, etc. It’s always right there! Love this product!!!"

- Tina

"couldn’t say enough good things about my clutch strap :) Girls never have pockets and this allows me to have my phone readily available without searching through my stuff or holding too many things in my hands. The more and more I use it, the more I wonder why this has never existed before 💕 super clutch"

- Drew